Best Friends Don´t Exist or Do.?

During course of life some of us we have probably had few people we dared to called our Best Friends. Am sure I will probably rock and make some waves here with this my personal view, and some others I witness during years share my same insights to that Best Friends don´t exist.!! Or maybe let me reframe that to avoid hurting some people´s feelings regarding the subject; I have come to the belief that through the journey of my life I have been so disappointed with the people I used to called my Best Friends.! Better now.!?

There are friends who come and go and there are cycles of people who show up in parts of our journey and share jobs, locations, neighborhoods, experiences, hobbies and plenty of things in common with us. But rarely once the circumstances change for one or two of reasons, lets say they move out of the state, the go work in a different industry o for that matter go work somewhere else or maybe they get married and there status and lifestyle changes dramatically that they no longer can or choose to stay in touch one with another. Sometimes we tend to confuse that if we have and share the same interests with people or friends they can automatically become best friends with us. Even worst because once they are no longer in the same page or better put no longer can identified with there the best interest toward or with us they simple disappear.

Moreover, ; a lot of people will stay close to you just for the benefits of being your friend specially if one is doing and succeeding pretty good in life; however if suddenly that´s not the case anymore you will find out who is or are your truly good friends or if that so called Best Friend is still around.!! What am I trying to say that the majority of Human Beings are most of the times go with the flow and when it comes to prove they can be or are for real; there true colors will prevail and their own interest will show up one way or another. Why am i being so negative towards the subject some of you will probably shout.? Next my insights and possible explanations, comments and opinions based on experiences of others and my own of course.!

I believe that we all have experienced our fair share of good and bad times, moments or cycles of abundance and scarcities as well as and times when we are at the Top Of The World or At The Bottom. But it really comes to know who your truly comrades are when the rough waves are hitting hard your ship and everybody leaves you alone without even saying sorry is there anything I can perhaps do for you no matter how tiny or big that help might be.! In many opportunities or the majority of them this has been the scenario for many people, friends, relatives and my own whether I like to admit it or not or even acknowledge for certain individuals who still not willing to confess that has happened to them before.

It will be extremely unfair for me to generalize that you are not to have or believe on Best Friends because the bitter, disappointed experiences lived by an overwhelming bunch of us and by no means will encourage you to drop out someone of your highest beloved appreciation. Without being or trying to get any religious at all; but in many culture lots of people whom chooses to believe in a Higher Power or Divine Power or whatever you desire to call it, consider and only trust this Highest Power to be there the only faithful loyal Best Friend.

Despite all the above written I believe that our Creator made us out of his immensely love and no matter what we may have encountered, lived or experienced in some paths of my / our journey I still strongly believe we should love each other and always follow the Golden Rule.” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“.

As always feel free to help me improve content and feedback, likes or comments will be highly appreciated.! My One word is  Strong  and I encourage all of you to stay Healthy and Strong.!


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