Can I Overcome Fear?-You Must.!

Most probably every single Human Being one way or another have experience FEAR during their lives. According to some definitions FEAR stand for “False Evidence Appearing to be Real” and also some experts on the field defined Fears are just emotions and they can effectively be learned to control and manage. These emotions are not you and can be conquered and can even being turned to your advantage or as a fuel to inspired us to succeed and defeat all kind of hurdles life sometimes throws at you.

Let´s Learn About These So Call Emotions.!

It has been said by Psychiatrists and Psychologists that most of the roots of our Fears begin in our early ages as kids and are based depending on bunch of factors surrounding the environments we grown up with. The experiences we have been lived and exposed are deeply attached to us since those early stages and if they were not properly handled, addressed or neutralized in positive ways to counter attack their nasty effects can be very well carry out to young and adult stages. I personally remember episodes in my own life that was literally forced to face off some of my worst Fears in ways that just simple did not know how to deal with those kinds of situations and or least how to fight, overcome or defeat them.

Fighting the Good Battle of False Evidence Appearing to Be Real.

I had to learn the old fashion way because in my times growing up us as Baby Boomer in my part of the World that means one were not supposed to show any kind of tiny bit whatsoever of Fear. So when said the old fashion way I mean I was left to my own devices without any hope of teachings, guidance or tips on how to face and control these Fear factors. Moreover, when I reached out for help or advice on some of my supposed to be friends, teachers or even family they just said that whatever I Fear the way to deal with was by taking action and face it straight up and the Fears will disappear; so in plain English the only way to conquer Fear is by doing what you fear the most and you will overpower and control them.

Must confess that doing that; facing up my Fears, wasn’t that easy and requires a lot of courage and determination on ones part and thanks God nowadays there are variety of help avenues at your dispose, psychology therapy, treatments and even subliminal help to change you subconscious and patterns regarding your Mindset on the subject.(Feel free to click here for some interesting info on How to Win the Fear Game) Learn To Apply The Latest Brain Based Methods To Uncover and Overcome Your Unconscious Fears Keeping You Stuck From Reaching Your Life’s Goals and Dreams.

Focus on Learning How to Control your Mind and Thoughts◊

The trick is to always stand guard on your Mind thoughts and be in control of your Conscious and Subconscious and not the only way around. You must transcend your Fears and acknowledge that even thought are there from time to time; are only Emotions we must control because if we don’t they can harm, paralyze or even could destroy us. We must don’t ever never allow them to interfere with our precious feelings. This of course requires discipline and training on our part specially if we should change old Brain Mindsets that don’t serve us very well anymore and must be replace to create new Neuro Brain patterns associate with fearless emotions.

Let me quote one my mentors “John Assaraf” in one his teachings and programs “Neuroscience” regarding Fear and how to effectively deal with it: “I AM NOT MY FEARS, MY FEARS ARE JUST EMOTIONS THAT I EASILY MANAGE, MY FEARS ARE NOW BEING TURNED INTO FUEL FOR MY SUCCESS”

One final comment:

And Yes we can definitely OVERCOME Fear even if that means going beyond or limits to CONQUER these emotions, because they are only that Emotions and we were created and equipped with all the FAITH and tools needed to defeat and achieve whatever our Mind and free will are set up to Do.

Like always let me finish this post by inviting you all to comment and leave your feedback so I can improve and better my content to serve you better ways and grow together to be our highest version.!




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  1. Well said getting pass fear leads to the ultimate success in life. Realizing that is one of the most empowering things an individual can do. Great read, and keep inspiring people to find their greatness!

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