How To Get And Stay In Shape After The 40´s & 50´s

Most people over 40 and 50´s have a lot of issues and problems to get and stay physically and mentally in shape. Some of them or a lot do not completely realize that this is due to quite a few reasons ; but one of the main issues has to be about their mindsets and beliefs they hold in their conscious and unconscious minds. Creating the habit of taking care of themselves by exercising everyday physically as well as mentally is the key of it all and the way to achieve and improve their best quality of life♥

The Process of Creating a Fit MIND and BOdY

According to medical research and facts as our body ages past 40 we begin to experience lost and decrease of our level of testosterone, productions of this magical fountain of youth starts to diminish for men and women equally. This can definitely affect as well our mind and state of well being if we can not counter attack by means of recreating the right mindset by acquiring new habits of wellness, exercise and proper measurements of nutrition to take good care of our bodies. But also as well or equally important as mentioned before is to develop our new mental habits by exercising the brain daily as many people and experts called inercise. How do we do that.?♦

How Do We Inercise ( Exercise our inner Mind) Train our Mind.?

We do it by creating neuroplasticity through continuous repetition of positive thoughts and actions to impress the subconscious mind and create new patterns to form new cell connections in our brains; thus form brand new positive habits to improve our quality of life and not so much depends only on will power. What if there are medical issues or concerns health conditions.?

What About Medical Issues- Available Treatment To Boost Testosterone.!

Many of us know that the human brain is on of the most powerful tools we have available at our disposal and according to many experts on the field we only use 20 or perhaps 30% of their capabilities. Having said this I am not claiming that all our issues or reasons for not staying in shape is in our brains or mindsets because there is definitely medical conditions that can be affecting many folks over 40 and 50; but yet there are quite a few treatments available to boost and improve our level of testosterone within the reach of many to improve the over all health and start a most fitness way of life. We can also achieve a better quality of life by asking a little help form our friends who already are both physically and mentally in shape.

Little Help From Our Friends.

You already know that if you want to fly high you must hang out with eagles and the old saying “Birds of a feather flock together” so with this being said it is a must that we ask help and be around with people, friends and acquaintances that have already formed the habits of staying in shape and exercise every day. Learn their routines, copy their mindsets, ask them about their nutrition and spend time together with them. One final word and is we become what we think about all the time,so set up goals and take actions to improve your way of life through a more fitness way, both physically and mentally do it step by step if you must and the payouts will be the greatest best investment you ever make in your life.



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