Journey of Perseverance and Resilience

Have you had one of those days when need more than one thousand reasons to keep going and find a or the fountain of inspiration to make the/ your journey worthwhile enjoyable to be achievable.? There is no such thing of the ideal path or journey we make it one day at a time, one step by step and overcoming one obstacle after another one at a time.

So How and Where to go to find that kind of daily moment by moment source of Perseverance.?

Pretty good question and task I may add to this theme being reviewed and it is very much worth analyze and look into to find the right answers we probably all of us are looking for to keep us going with sense of conviction to fulfill our own purpose in life. And that is exactly the key and source of power we must concentrate to feed that fountain of inspiration; “Sense of Purpose of Life”, our own call in life to find what we are destined to do and serve in this planet Earth. Our very own mission and journey in this Life. Easy to say than done and for some people finding their own purpose is a big challenge; unless you ask for help from your divine, infinite, superior and greatest source of power.

What or Who is that or my Infinite Divine, Superior Greatest Source of Power.?

We are not going into any religious beliefs or anything like it; Am more than sure than the overwhelming majority of all mankind have their own beliefs and convictions of the existence of a greater power who help us deal and overcoming our own challenges, troubles and situations in life. Sooner or later we all go there, go where that Divine, Infinite and Superior power is and can only be find from inside out where the Spirit really lives. That source of perseverance and resilience is only reachable throughout the most powerful feeling called LOVE. The Love we feel for our family, sons, daughter, careers, friends, country and life itself that empowers us to do whatever we want out of this precious journey described as Life.

We were created for a Great Purpose in Life and by a Greater Power than US.

Whether you choose to believe that or not we all are here on Earth for a purpose and through all this journey we all have seeing and witness great accomplishments, miracles and milestones performed and achieved by our fellow human beings. Despite overwhelming obstacles and circumstances that were almost impossible to defeat those individuals reach inside out and find perseverance and resilience can or could only be manifest and given through the reach of a Superior Power and the firmly conviction known as FAITH. Faith we all have access to activate and practice by the most beautiful feeling and energy capable of doing anything and everything once again we called LOVE.

So there you have it and trust and believe that the greatest power of all is inside of you and can be found deep in your hearts if you only choose to believe and trust in LOVE as the energy capable of given all the perseverance and resilience needed for you to endure the journey and make all your dreams come true.

Give your best comments if you think alike with or this post and if don’t as well you can comment and give feedback as to what make you resilience and persevere in your daily journey of this beautiful life we all have the privilege to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Journey of Perseverance and Resilience

  1. Great article, and I 100% agree love is a very powerful force to have. It really is what makes the world turn, and proper love can make a person feel on top of the world, and want to do right by others. Keep spreading this positive message to other’s, and I hope that you have a blessed day!

    1. Cliff, my apologies to you Sir; I thought I have already replied to you kindly comments.Tanks a lot and it is my pleasure to spread positive into peopleĀ“s lives. Best regards form the tropics in Costa Rica.

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