Making more of your Precious Time.

Many people agreed that time is your most precious commodity and we all have heard that time is money. Throughout the curse of years and our lives there is not one human being that does not regret having had made better, wisdom decisions to value more their precious time. How do we take charge and learn from our past and present journey.?

Learning to make more of the present journey.

Like said before there in not one of us that did not have any regrets of past situations or decisions; but with that being said life always give us second, third, fourth and plus more chances, opportunities to make up for wasted time and to enhance our present. That is exactly where we make the most of our precious time in the present and being aware of it. We must learn from our mishaps and focus on what is ahead,

Focus on what we want ahead.

It doesn’t matter on what we did or did not do right or wrong before; the trick is to have capitalized and achieve knowledge on erroneous past behaviors so we have different perspective, approaches and outlooks on what we desire to achieve from now on to make the best of our lives in the present to create the better future. Learn to focus on productivity instead of negativity, learn to be powerful and stronger than our past, mistakes, fears and critics. Learn to use and maximize time in much better ways.

Prioritize your tasks in order to be proactive

Once your focus on the present it is crucial to set goals and time table to achieve them. I used to procrastinate and waste a lot of time doing things that were not productive, like watching TV, reading bad news and worry about things beyond my control like sports scores on games, soap operas outcomes etc, etc. Until my time were valued and prioritize on the importance and relevance of achieving quality of time to become productive and higher human being. Realize that the more value you create to and for others the better value you become to yourself.

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