Men Love Toys.!

Yes we men love toys and have been in love with them since we were little kids and guess we will for the rest of Centuries to come. Since the time were born we all have been introduced with images and experiences related to worlds of fantasies and wonders like Walt Disney, The Magic Kingdom, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Wild West, Superman just to name a few. Plus the fascinating World of Sports like the NBA, NFL, The Olympics, MLB and The World Cup of Soccer as much as fascinating as the ones described above and therefore we dream of having anything related to that to feel we belong and are part of the experience. So Toys that remind us and are connected with these experiences or moments of our lives are destined to be loved and liked by us big boys.!

Who as a little kid never ever dream with being a Super Hero or being a Sport Super Star; even as we were growing up as teenagers still have those wishes of becoming celebrities and for some of us grown up men we still kind of dream this sort of fantasies. Hey why not.? It was so much fun for most of us being a Kid that if we can back time; we gladly become one again.! Most Human Beings no matter what we have been through in life had always wishes to have nice beautiful toys and the memories attached to them are even priceless. I guess the mass majority of us remember the best seasons for receiving presents related to toys were and are Christmas and Birthdays when most expected and appreciated.!

Later on in life those wishes for things we call Toys begin to change as we are growing up and our preferences and desires as well change dramatically according to a variety of reasons. We are now in the search for much bigger things, useful and somehow meaningful to improve and satisfied our chosen LifeStyle that most of the time is of a higher status. So we set our eyes on fancier and bigger toys like a brand new muscle car or bike, luxurious condo or house on a higher scale neighborhood or even better a nice apartment on the beach with Ocean view. Perhaps a boat to go sailing and moreover the latest gadgets men like that makes life more enjoyable and easier. Toys for bigger Boys jajajaja.!

All these things are very nice to have and own if you have the means to get and afford them because there is nothing wrong to acquire if we have dreamed and wish for those specially if you have worked hard all your life and deserve it. Just, men please remember these are only Toys and belong in the material department and by no means are substitute for the real things to value in life far more important to strive and achieve. Like, a good education, friendship, morals, ethics, compassion among many; and the greatest of all LOVE.!

Still like I said a few sentences above and before if we can have these things, afford and enjoy them without any harm to others, well the sky is the limit to satisfied our likes and achieve what we have dreamed for on earlier or later stages in our existence. After all we set goals and some of these toys are part of the incentives to keep us going. Please like always feel free to comment or leave feedback regarding this post so you can help me improve and better content to contribute help others to improve their lives in whatever ways possible.

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