Milestone To Success.

What a topic to talk about and share dear friends because Success doesn’t come easy by any means.! It is indeed for most of us a Milestone; a never ending journey, never ending story and perhaps never ending road.! We strive for it, we suffer for it and sometimes we even cry for in order to reach, achieve and enjoy it.!

So Why We Want to Succeed So Much.?

This is definitely not an easy question nor an easy answer and I personally believe with all do respect to the audience that not everybody is ready for it and certainly not willing to pay the price for it. Remember “We Become Exactly What WeThink About”. With this being said lets keep in mind that Success by definition could be subject to so many interpretations and definitions according to the individual or individuals subjective minds. According to WikiPedia it may simple mean:

  • A level of Social Status
  • Achievement of an Objective or Goal
  • The Opposite of Failure

Usually we tend to define and associate Success by the level of our social status and how much money we posses and how rich or wealthy we are. This I may incline to believe is set according to Society or measure by it. But; lets just pause here for a moment and think about it.!

Do You Really Need To Be Ranked by Rules & Sets of Social Paradigms?

Well not really; but unfortunately for lots of people this seems to be their main concerned and perhaps that’s how they value their achievements and goals ;even their purpose of life is based on these frames of selected wrong prejudices. What am I saying or trying to say is that the meaning of Success has such wide and huge ways of interpretations, perceptions and definitions for millions of individuals that should have no ways of being measured.! One thing must be worth mention here and can place my best bet the majority of us will agree upon is what am about to quote in the next tittle of this page.

“Success Is The Progresive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”

This is a quote from “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale and go on saying that if we are pursuing a predetermination worthwhile goal we are destined and on target to reach Success. Many good lessons to be learned from this fantastic audio book since it was published way ahead its own time with true great principles still applied and used as up today. There is no arguing that indeed Success should be a constant, progressive and determine goal Mindset and the only way to conquer it is to provide people with products, services and solutions needed to fulfilled and solved their needs no matter what your chosen way or industry to make a living. It is a Milestone that never ends!

Are Limitations For Success Self Imposed.?

Well, yes it could be according to our mindsets and goals we set up to and for our lives to be. To be Successful one has to continuously take actions towards achieving what they desired and want out of their own their existence. Sometimes this requires investments of huge Energy, adjustments, redirection and regrouping of the ideals, strategies and concepts related to the goals in Mind because Success can be elusive; but the effort, resilience and perseverance will pay off enormous returns. In closing down this page not many people are willing to pay the price to be prosperous and succeed in life and that is the main reason why still a relative small amount of individuals who are willing and understand that it could be a Milestone before they achieve and reach Success in life.

As usual my kindest invitation to please feel free to leave a comment or feed back with your thoughts regarding this post so I can perk up content and help your better improve your desire quality of life.

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2 thoughts on “Milestone To Success.

  1. “Success Is The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”, I am taking this powerful quote with me. It is indeed a very important corner stone. I enjoy reading this article. I think you are right about how we self-impose our own failures. It’s a mechanism that happens naturally, and a big wall or plateau that we all must cross. Thank you for your words of advice!

    1. Hello Jackie and thanks a million for your kindly comments and really it makes my day that you enjoyed my article and I can help a bit with advice from my heart. Thank you again and best regards.

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