Reading Books Versus Audio Books.?

Very interesting subject and question for so many people who love to read books one way of another; including this humble writer who for so many years has been debating on the theme.! I am a baby boomer and like many of my kind we grew up reading books the good old fashion way, holding the book on our hand or two hands, going through one page by another touching of course the paper and feeling it. Same thing as the daily enjoyable habit and routine of reading the morning newspaper with a nice, fresh brew cup of delicious Costa Rica or Colombian coffee. You just can´t beat that jajajaja.!!

With this being said with the introduction of Audio books many decades ago and the availability of many titles and authors, life became suddenly much easier for the reader; specially for those who were starting to have trouble with the eyesight and at the same time were also a bit lazy to grab and be holding a book for so many hours. Besides and perhaps very important issue to be take in consideration is that lots of people are more audible than visioned and are much more able to grasp and understand better by means of hearing. This way enables them to learn faster, retain and memorize loads more of content than just by reading with their eyesight; but I have to add that this depends strongly on ones skill set or preferences when it comes to select one way or another, audible or reading.!

Another huge factor to also worth mention here is that for people who lost their vision or can´t see the audible way is and has been a truly blessing. Many have benefited from this amazing, useful and productive aid to help make ways to learn, achieve and conquer knowledge by hearing and listening to books, speeches, seminars and even gathering conventions on thousands of themes and subjects. This is just priceless and in many cases have made significant tons of difference in peoples lives and of course has been the meaning for a much better quality of existence.

We can go on and on mentioning and describing the qualities or benefits of one method of another; but the indisputable truth overall is that reading books must be a wonderful habit to develop and nurture by all of us specially if we truly desire to increase our education, knowledge and wisdom in so many ways and subjects in our lives. What better way to invest in ourselves than by becoming smarter, productive and helpful to our fellow human beings than by learning new stuff every day, to sharpen our cell brains to feel alive and useful to us, our relatives, our communities and the many people surrounding us.

So no matter which way you choose to read or listen books or materials, information, literature or even entertainment is all relative of what is the best way suitable for me, for you or us. Your set of skills and preference will be the right way and unique selection to improve your existence by becoming a fierce reader day by day. Remember “Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power”

As always feel free to comment or feedback on this post and help me improve and find ways to deliver good quality content to help you & others improve their lives as well. Will be highly appreciated folks and amigos.!

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