Reinventing Yourself 50

Beyond my wildest dreams I would have never imagined having to reinvent one self at the aged of 50. God some people retire at 50 and some lucky ones even before that milestone. But; like many of us already have come to realized Life is Not Always a Rose Garden and a man is got to do whatever is got to do to keep succeeding and staying creative in this happy land called Life.

Transforming ONE SELF.!

Transformation is the word I was looking for to describe what literally had to do to redirect my own purpose to stay competitive and useful as a professional in the work force. However, ; even these concepts mentioned above( competitive & useful) were to be changed and substituted with brand new set of beliefs, strategies and mindsets to be the new ME. Instead of being extremely competitive we must now be CREATIVE and instead of being useful I now choose to be INSPIRE! Besides;the new technology and innovations (Internet,Cell Phones, Social Media, Live Streams etc, etc.) that are continuously happening, showing up and changing in our world has given us the challenges to learn, adapt and embrace new avenues of productivity and self development and grow.

Let Us Embrace Progress and The New.!!

To us baby boomers this new era of modern Tech was totally unbelievable and yet so amazing to have had experienced and witnessed these historical events that we should be called ourselves the luckiest generation ever lived on the face of Earth. For those of these individuals who have focus to work hard and updates themselves to even change their lives styles to cope with this reinventing attitude; the rewards have been huge and their success is almost guaranteed. Must admit with all the honesty possible that some of us were force to change, acquire new patterns of learning and behaviors, new productive Mindsets and the overall resilience conviction this was worth it and without any doubts necessary to stay motivated and feel Alive & Well. Also, the feelings of fitting in and sense of contributing, reaching and touching a such vast huge network of persons by means of the new technology ( the Web) all over the world has been so fulfilling in terms of opportunities to reach almost the whole Universe within the touch and reach of a keyword of a computer.

Whatever reasons, forces or circumstances we were facing to make this reinventing and transforming selves at such advance level of our journey and age we gladly come to a conclusion that you only feel as young and good as you think you are or something like that, laugh if you must jajajaja.!! So once again with all this being said please feel free to reinvent yourselves as much as you desire always having in mind that the new revolution of thinking, progress and success is to CREATE, not to compete, to INSPIRE and CONTRIBUTE to keep on motivating oneself and others to transform themselves to make this our Wold a better place to for us and the future generations to come.

My invitation to all you Baby Boomers and to all of you regardless of your age is to gladly leave a comment on this post and will be as always so much appreciated to keep on improving and help each other to transform whatever is desire in us to inspire and contribute to make this a nice, friendly, get along lovely World we called Home. So what do you say amigos are we ready to transform ourselves to reach and serve others.??

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