Strong Mindset To Overcome Challenges.

Many of us have experience our fair share of challenges in life and face with the only option to overcome and defeat the situation or situations. To develop the right mindset or better say to, develop and acquire a “Strong Mindset”.

How do we develop a Strong Mindset.

I believe none of us are or were looking for adversity through the journey of our lives; but unavoidably we all have to face it one way of another and in order to overcome the challenge or challenges we have no choice but to create a new mindset to be able to fix the situation. And that mindset has to be stronger from the one before; in other words the level of thinking and consciousness has to be different from the estate of mind that created or encounter that challenge. So with that being said here are some ways or wise advice on how to work on achieving a Strong Mindset. You may like to check this link on some fantastic books on the subject.

Change your way of thinking and your subconscious.

Some ten years ago I was facing my biggest challenge in life and encountering many problems, issues and adversity anyone could ever asked and not wanting to face whatsoever in this or any other life. I was forced to close my business and deal with the fatality of bankruptcy and needless to say felt into a deep depression that lasted 5 years. So in order to survive and get back my motivation and willingness to live again, after many therapies, medications and tons of pep talks I came to a conclusion that a much higher power GOD has to intervene in my life to return my spirit to my body and help me keep going and face the challenges and overcome them once and for all. But this wasn’t going to happen magically; I had to do my part as well and help myself get out of the dessert by acquiring a different and Stronger Mind and set of beliefs by changing my thinking on the brain and the subconscious mind. This is how is done:

  • Constant communication with your inner self and your higher power by meditation and praying daily.

  • Believe there is a much higher power (God) who is always on your side.
  • Exercising your brain and feed it with positive repetition reinforcements every day.
  • Exercising physically everyday by going to the gym and increase your serotonin.
  • Reaching for good quality help and feedback from friends and people who already defeated the same or similar situations like mine.
  • Creating and reinforcing positive neuron connections in your brain by consistent repetition of scientific proven methods to impress and change the programs in your subconscious brain for a much higher and better self.( There are a few well-known programs available back up scientifically online )
  • Everything is possible if you convince your Mind of it.
  • Click this one for a fantastic book on building a gorilla Mindset.

One more comment.

Must confess that still have to practice everyday on the subjects and drills exposed above; but now with the firmly conviction that we have what it takes to develop that estate of Strong Mindset in whatever challenges or adversities we face throug this our journey call life. But what doesn’t kill you, definitely make you stronger and life is too beautiful to waste by suffering or become victimize by circumstances knowing that we are more powerful and stronger than our past, excuses, critics or fears. My one word is “Strong”

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5 thoughts on “Strong Mindset To Overcome Challenges.

  1. You talked about exercising your brain however I really can’t find suitable brain exercises since I generally get bored while doing these. Do you have any recommendation?

    1. Hello Furkan, please check this website and programs out>


  2. A strong mindset is key to success. Using failure as a tool to learn from, as well as using physical and mental excersizes that you have gone over are important to work EVERY DAY! Nice article and personable! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Thanks for the advice and for opening up. It really is important to be mentally balanced and more than anything in relation to God. Congratulations.

  4. Powerful post! I too use a strong mindset to overcome daily challenges.
    Exercise and meditation drive my brain to a good place that keeps me motivated.

    I know it hard to change your thinking when in a challenging state of mind, but if you change your mindset, you change perception and the improve your life.

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