Vacation tropical beaches Costa Rica.

Destination tropical adventure in the unspoiled, virgin, blue water and white sands beaches in Costa Rica. Sounds like you need a well deserve break and vacations in paradise. Remember you don’t need therapy, you need time away in the tropics in beautiful Costa Rica.

Want to get away from the cold weather to the Cosy warm Beaches.

So it is time for you to think beach boy and all the piña coladas, cold beers and quality fun, fun best surfing you can find in the planet. And all so close to you that you can feel it, taste it and embrace it. Where else you can get the whole package of such delightful destination with the both Pacific and Atlantic oceans included plus all the beaches and surfing you can grasp within the reach of your hands.

Plus the beautiful Rain Forest and all its green surrounding Mountains.

Where else you can get the best of 2 worlds and such complete package destination that offer you such diversity of fun and entertainment for your senses and recreation, rest your soul, recharge your energy and be interacting with nature and its surroundings and healing enchants and powers. The rain forest is such delight and empowering experience that you will feel like a totally new human being and connected with a new stream of energy leaving you in ecstasy and vibrating in a powerful frequency of new energy. Renew your mind and body by experiencing the majesty of the many, green, big surrounding mountains that the whole country of Costa Rica has to offer and their jungles full of fauna and Sylvester animals, beautiful birds and some amazing brilliant colorful parrots you can find in the whole world.

Best Part of Costa Rica Tropics Vacations.

And among all the beauties of nature that the country has to offer for your delightful and entertainment souls and sense; is their people such kind, down to earth, authentic and charismatic friendly people always smiling and willing to greet you with their favorite saying slang “Pura vida” (Pure Life) meaning happy full of life. So Let’s do it and enjoy life, the nature and beautiful people of the most democratic country of Latin America, (who has NO ARMY) are inviting and waiting for you to enjoy their hospitality and friendship for a memorable experience to last forever in your mind.

Again please free to leave a comment and feedback if you so kindly wish to do and will do my best to reply to you always happy to be at your service and continue to enjoy together this our journey called life.

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  1. Hello Xavier
    You covered so many different subjects- Travel, Healthy eating and healthy living to being an WA affiliate. I noticed you had a few ads on your site as well. Hope they are generating some income for you. The fonts were grayed out in some areas as well. I also have had to reinvent myself after 50.It has been quite the journey. I hope reinventing yourself is going as well. Stay positive and good job!

    1. Hello Tony, thanks for your comments and please to meet you.I am kind of a newbie in this online business and so much stuff to learn my God.! Hope we can keep in touch amigo.Best Regards from the tropics in Costa Rica.

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